Hospital to Home Package

This package is targeted at health professionals or leaders working in hospitals in low-resource settings who want to decrease the risk of preventable newborn deaths. The Hospital to Home package was designed to enable other hospitals to implement Hospital to Home in their own newborn care unit and the surrounding community.

Hospital to Home (H2H) is a newborn follow-up programme developed by Adara Development to help small and sick babies survive and thrive in the hospital and after they are discharged home. The programme was designed to improve health outcomes by strengthening hospital discharges processes, providing comprehensive parent education and promoting care that encourages healthy brain development. It also provides regular at-home follow-up support to these vulnerable infants for six months after discharge through a network of volunteer community health workers. Since implementation, the programme has shown improvements in breastfeeding, infant growth, immunisation rates and neurodevelopment.

This complete package provides a detailed outline of each of the components – hospital and home – and includes the individual elements for each. The components of the H2H programme work together to provide the best outcomes possible for high-risk infants being discharged from the hospital. Challenges such as financial or resource constraints may limit the ability to implement the whole programme at one time. A single component may be implemented to start, depending on hospital readiness and existing services, with additional components added over time.

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